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Download appointment sheet icons

Put them in the wchiro folder then right click and extract all into \wchiro (not wchiro\icons).

Download patient treatment Files

Put them in wchiro folder then right click and extract all into \wchiro (not wchiro\treatments).

Right-click and Save Target As... to download Holidays file - Put holidays.txt in the wchiro folder (updated 2022-01-03).

Version 3.31 Release Date 30/05/2022

ADD:Proper integration for sending email from Gmail accounts
ADD:Option to print today's recall list added to Reports - Missed/Recall List
ADD:Can now save PDF copies of the Day and Date Range Summary reports
ADD:Insurance payments breakdown by company on the Day and Date Range Summaries
CHG:Export functions now allow choosing the location and filename to export
CHG:Reminder List greatly improved to Reminder/No Reminder, moved to Breakdown
CHG:Appointment Reminders report now has a timestamp and option to save as PDF
CHG:Adding/editing a patient file no longer defaults to Date Entered (accidents)
CHG:Add to Missed/Recall prompt also appears if appointment is NOT today's date
CHG:Improved the formatting on the Day and Date Range Summary reports
CHG:Insurance payments allow selecting any insurance company regardless of plans
FIX:Reminders - Selected Patients Only could add those recipients to other lists
FIX:Resolved a potential issue with our premium text messaging provider
FIX:Print recalls would sometimes fail to prompt when there were recalls
FIX:Potential errors when automatically importing holiday dates
FIX:Patient could not be deleted while there was a popup note on their file
FIX:BC MSP submission could incorrectly prompt for additional explanations
Better Notes, Remote Access and IP Client/Server services try to auto-restart

Full Changelist (Readme) for all updates from 1.51 to 3.31 (Right-click and Save Target As... to download)