• Each practitioner having their own appointment schedule and appointment sheet, but there is also a clinic appointment sheet combining all their schedules, and showing all appointments, for all practitioners on one page.
    Each practitioner can have one or more columns assigned to them. Should you overbook the allotted space, the time will expand to accommodate all the appointments within the assigned columns.These are real appointments, linked to your fee schedule, patients, reports, and statistics - not just a list.
  • Appointment Icons to advise appointment and account status, whether the patient has a future appointment, or whether there is a note attached to the appointment.
  • Use the navigation menu to move the appointment sheet or use a pop up calendar as you wish.
  • Time selection spin boxes show the status of the time: short, long or closed, with the appropriate colors.
Scheduling on your terms:
  • You design the schedule of 10, 15, or 30, minutes, etc.
  • You define short times or long times or a combination for booking appointments.
  • You post closed times, part days off, days off, or part days off and days not off, to overide the former. You also have alternate schedules available. Have a Tuesday with a Monday schedule, or make up a completely different schedule and assign it.
  • You create billing Codes for any procedure or service, defining your own code, fee, description, height, length, colour and processed colour.
  • You determine the patient classes required to meet your financial and statistical needs.
'Optimized Time Use' appointment booking:
  • Control how many appointments are booked in each time period.
  • Establish the height, length, and colour of each appointment displayed on your sheet.
  • Recommended appointment times are based on your rules; accept, change, or override.
  • View your appointments by day, week, or month.
Communication Tools:
  • EDT, Patient auto-dial, Multiplex Patient Email, Patient lists, Word processing, Mail merge and Label printing
  • Patient follow-up and retention features, Patient and activity tracking, reporting and statistics, 14 booking methods, Drag & Drop, Cut, Paste, Copy, and 8 Block rescheduling utilities.
  • Intuitive, context sensitive, online Help . Press F1 and get help for wherever you are in the program.
  • HCAI online submission for Ontario is included .
  • Approved for direct submission / resubmission through OHIP in Ontario.
  • Approved for direct submission / resubmission through HLink in Alberta.
  • Approved for direct submission / resubmission through MSP in British Columbia.
  • This includes electronic WCB through MSP.
  • Ready for direct submission / resubmission in Manitoba.
  • Ready for direct submission / resubmission in Saskatchewan.