Better Systems began in 1987 with the collaboration of Dr. James Aldridge, D.C., and his staff. In June of 1991, a group of Chiropractors reviewed the major software programs available, in a side by side comparison, and chose The Better System as "The Best Overall Package".

Since then we have continued to develop The Better System by including feedback from a large number of clients. The current software is based on over twenty-five years of development, and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (64 bit included). Written using the latest in Rapid Application Development tools, the program is based on the same code used in clinics through all those years, resulting in a program that is full featured, fast, compact and stable.

Our People:

Jon Fuller

Jon began programming in 1972 at The University of Western Ontario, where he graduated in Honours Economics with several computer science courses. While there Jon displayed great aptitude as a programmer for a research project designing General Equilibrium computer models of the Canadian and World Economies. As a result, he was invited to continue developing these models at The Australian National University, at The University of Sydney, and at The University of New South Wales, Australia. Jon then founded Better Systems, creating the much-loved software used by hundreds of clinics across North America and beyond.

Tom Harvey

Showing a great interest in technology from a young age, Tom was at the head of his highschool classes with many successful programming and technology projects. He went on to enroll in the renowned Computer Science program at the University of Waterloo, though ultimately graduating in Honours History with Computer Science as a minor. Tom achieved considerable real-world experience both in the University's co-op program and in the years after his graduation, and has worked at a number of technology-oriented companies in areas including software development, systems design and technical support. Tom now looks forward to bringing his skills and experience to bear through the next phase of growth at Better Systems.