Welcome to Better Systems Group!

The Better System is the easy, flexible, inexpensive option to manage your entire office.

Established in 1987, we have 35 years of experience in providing a time-efficient, customer-focused appointment scheduling, billing and clinic/patient management system - now with paperless treatment notes and evolving online capabilities!

Our product is legendary for its usability, and is updated regularly to incorporate new features based on customer feedback, advancements in technology, and evolution in practice.

The Better System is designed around a centralized clinic appointment sheet which shows all appointments, for all practitioners, in one place. Patient and appointment functions are always right at your fingertips - for instance you can move appointments with a simple drag and drop, and view all of a patient's information when opening their appointment. You can easily send email or text message appointment reminders, email patient receipts and statements, or send other information such as appointment lists and newsletters.

Flexible treatment plan and block billing options can be assigned and customized uniquely for each patient. We offer 20 ways to book appointments and over 200 reports, including graphing options, allowing you to track every aspect of your clinic's operations. Recalls and warnings help to keep close tabs on your patients.

Our system takes care of all of your billings, payments and other financials, while allowing you to browse or query/search in various ways to organize and maintain your data. The software also includes a mail merge function, custom popup notes, and much more. Visual cues indicate patient balances and other status points immediately at a glance.

For the doctor, we have also introduced Better Notes - our paperless treatment notes (EHR) solution. It is designed to be easy to use whichever way you prefer to work, with a flexible touch-friendly interface - equally at home on a standard PC, laptop, touch screen or tablet.

Better Notes automatically saves information from previous notes, and fills in from there as you go through your next note - with quick, easy options to clear or change any section. Patient demographics and treatment plans are directly available from both programs - so you can assign a plan in Better Notes, and it will be tracked starting immediately in The Better System.

Your patient information is safe when using Better Notes, with end-to-end transmission encryption and easy access controls to prevent other users or other practitioners from having access to confidential patient treatment information.

Better Notes offers comprehensive note-taking capabilities that remain easy, quick, and flexible.

For 35 years we have developed software devoted to helping you manage your practice, and we will continue to grow side by side with you. This is our business and we are dedicated to building it on customer-focused, customer-driven software and service.

Isn't it time you discovered a better way, with The Better System?