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Version 3.28 Release Date 20/04/2018

ADD:Can now add attachments to patient files! Must first set permissions (Users)
ADD:New Premium SMS Texting to ensure delivery of text messages (subscription)
CHG:Day Phone List displays cell phone if marked preferred or work phone is blank
CHG:Day Phone List option to display patient notes rather than appointment notes
CHG:Money Bag screen print button provides the same options as elsewhere
CHG:Updates for HCAI submission in Ontario (requires updated HCAI package)
CHG:Email Server Settings passwords now hidden, can display new password only
CHG:Inactive Patients under Labels, Email and elsewhere now use dates, not weeks
CHG:Reports - Receivables - On Specific Date filter to balances owing or credits
CHG:US version includes diagnoses and procedure on receipts and statements
CHG:Treatment Notes tab now displays the most recent notes at the top
CHG:Removed Delete button from Select Patient list to avoid trouble
FIX:Reports - Statistics - Account Activity was not filtering correctly
FIX:Utilities - Statements settings display, can now re-print recent Statements
FIX:Reports - Patients - Lists - Inactive Patients, Include Archived works again
FIX:Resolved issues when deleting patients with insurance plans or submissions
FIX:Appt book date display no longer blanks when inserting or changing a patient
FIX:Adding/editing a popup note will no longer undo patient demographic changes
FIX:All payment types will display, without scrolling, when changing a payment

Better Notes:
CHG:Can now add attachments to patient files and open/view with local caching
FIX:Will now report back any errors when saving, ability to edit or try again
CHG:Date on saved notes set to match the appointment date, rather than date saved

Full Changelist (Readme) for all updates from 1.51 to 3.28 (Right-click and Save Target As... to download)